My name is Katie, and I’m a student at Boston University majoring in Journalism and English.

I enrolled in Boston University with my major “undeclared,” and along the way I’ve been a Political Science major, a Psychology major and even a Spanish major. My interests span across many realms of academia, but my heart is in storytelling, hence my decision to concentrate in Journalism and English.

As much as I love to write, I am also interested in multimedia reporting, and the power of the written word when paired with photography and video.

In addition to my skills in the Communications field, I am an avid skier and a certified ski instructor. My love of the outdoors has translated into a blossoming interest in sustainability issues; as a vegan, an aspiring chef, and a farmers’ market junkie, I am also passionate about eating local. But, I’m also well aware that we live in a very globalized world. I’m interested international issues, including global public health and human rights.

Ultimately, although I don’t know exactly where I’ll end up after graduation, I do know that in addition to sharing the stories of other people, I want to make my own, too.

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